Why foam with Froth-Pak™?

Our Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam Sealant and Insulation is designed to dispense better, last longer, cover more area, and answer more needs for contractors and pros. Froth-Pak™ makes every job and every minute count.


  • Better performance and higher yield.

Froth-Pak™ maintains A and B component balance and delivers consistent flow rate to maximize yield. Result: more product in the cavity and less wasted material.


  • More value for everyone.

Dispenses, expands, and becomes tack-free in seconds. Helps to avoid reusing and overapplying to save time and material.


  • Understanding what pros need.

Froth-PakTM won’t shrink in cavities. So you maintain seal performance and reduce rework time.


Why Froth-Pak™

See what separates Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam from the pack.


Spray Foam Sealant

Save time on the jobsite. Froth-PakTM Spray Foam Sealant two-component polyurethane fills penetrations and cracks to seal out moisture, dust, allergens, and pests. Dispenses, expands, and cures in just 30 seconds.


Froth-Pak™ 12 Spray Foam Sealant Kit

(For 12 sq. ft. spaces)


Froth-Pak™ 120 Spray Foam Sealant Kit

(For 120 sq. ft. spaces)


Froth-Pak™ 200 Spray Foam Sealant Kit

(For 200 sq. ft. spaces)


Froth-Pak™ 620 Spray Foam Sealant Kit

(For 620 sq. ft. spaces)


Spray Foam Insulation

Spray big and cure quick. Froth-PakTM Spray Foam Insulation two-component polyurethane efficiently and consistently fills larger cavities, gaps, and expansion joints. Plus it’s Class A fire rated and available as a self-contained, easily portable kit for professional contractors.


Froth-Pak™ 210 Spray Foam Insulation Kit

(For 210 sq. ft. spaces)


Froth-Pak™ 650 Spray Foam Insulation Kit

(For 650 sq. ft. spaces