Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Froth-Pak™ Insulation 210

  • Yields approximately 210 board feet1
  • Quick 30 second cure time
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • A complete kit including our industry-leading nozzle system
  • Provides an R-value of 6.2 Aged and 6.7 Initial2

Required PPE

  • Respirator with organic vapor/P100 cartridge
  • Protective clothing or impermeable coveralls, including long sleeves (no skin should be exposed)
  • Chemical-resistant gloves that are coated with nitrile, butyl rubber, neoprene or PVC
  • Eye Protection, goggles or safety glasses
  • More Product Details

    Froth-Pak™ Insulation Spray Foam is a Class A Fire Rated two-component, quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, penetrations, and cracks in rim joists, roof wall junctures and around pipes and ducts up to 2” thick. Froth-Pak™ Insulation is a chemically cured foam designed to significantly reduce curing time. It dispenses, expands, and becomes tack-free in seconds, saving pros time on the Jobsite. Froth-Pak™ Professional Spray Foam continues to bring innovation to the industry with products that helps make buildings and homes more sustainable. All Froth Pak™spray foams feature a blowing agent GWP reduction of more than 99% while maintaining the performance attributes professional contractors expect. In addition to the elimination of HFC blowing agents, the new formulation features improved curing time, improved closed cell content and a reduction in overspray via the Insta-Flo™ Dispenser. This means delivering unsurpassed performance and ease of use while maintaining Froth Pak Spray Foam’s commitments to sustainability.

    • A self-contained, portable kit with everything you need
    • No additional gas cylinder or electricity required.
    • Expands quickly to fill larger gaps and penetrations greater than 2"
    • For full coverage apply up to 2” thick
    • Provides a high level of insulating R-value on initial application
    • Reusable for 30 days
    • One-hour occupant re-entry with proper ventilation after dispensing.
    • Quick 30 second cure time.
    • Can be left exposed in commercial building roof/wall junctures at a maximum of 2” thick by 6” wide by unlimited length per NFPA 286 approval testing.
    • Energy Star Certified.
    • Anti-crossover nozzle and the ergonomic dispensing system help ensure consistent flow rate, on-ratio application, and complete dispensing of product.
    • Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals or HFCs.
    • Blocks air infiltration and helps to meet air change per hour (ACH) code requirements and reduce building energy costs.
    • Reduces the potential for moisture, mold, mildew, allergens, and rot.
    • For uses in a wide range of interior and exterior industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential settings, including roof and wall junctures, wall and attic, crawlspaces and basements, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing penetrations in the building envelope.
    • Bonds to wood, rigid foam, masonry, metal, drywall, and more.
    • Formulation and dispensing systems are patent-pending..
    • GreenCircle® Certified; LEED V4 Compliant; ICC listed.

    1The theoretical yield has become an industry standard for identifying certain sizes of two-component kits. Theoretical yield calculations are performed in laboratory conditions, without taking into account the loss of blowing agent or the variations in application methods and types.

    2R-value per inch: ft²•h•°F/Btu; aged LTTR measured at 2-in. thick.

    • Avoid exposing cured foam to temperatures above 240°F.
    • Tubing inside the tank can become damaged if shaken too hard.
    • If applied outdoors, be sure to paint or cover foam to prevent discoloration and UV damage.
    • Always refer to the installation guide for safe usage and local building codes prior to application.
    • For best results, the tank contents should be at 75°F (24°C) or warmer. Ambient and surface temperatures should be 65°F or above.
    • The temperature indicator – not available on Froth-Pak™ 650 kits – on the side of the tank shows the temperature of the contents of the tank, not the ambient air temperature.
    • Froth-Pak™ Foam can be applied effectively in cooler air temperatures or on cooler work surfaces provided the kit contents are at least 75°F (24°C). (See user manual, Section 4.3 - Cold weather spray guidance)
    • If hoses are not already attached, use the wrench provided in the Gun / Hose Assembly Kit or your own 5/8” wrench to tighten the hose assemblies for both “A” and “B” valves until both are tight.
    • Apply petroleum jelly to the inside surfaces of the face of the gun
    • Do not attempt to reuse the nozzle if the spray has stopped for more than 30 seconds (or more than 15 seconds for the FROTH-PAK™ High-Density product). Restart times are impacted by temperature. (See section 3.2 in user manual)
    • Do not reuse a cured or partially cured nozzle. This may cause foam to crossover in the gun, rendering it unusable.
    • If A:B ratio appears wrong, check face of the gun to ensure the ports are clear of cured material (you should be able to see the silver finish of the aluminum spool in the ports). Purge foam through gun for a few seconds without a nozzle. Replace nozzle and try again.
    • To prevent foam from running or dripping from substrate, spray thinner passes.
    • The foam expands more than the previous formulation, so spray faster passes. Initial spray does not need to be as thick to result in the same desired final thickness.
    • Apply a flash-coat for optimal adhesion in suboptimal conditions (cool weather, difficult substrates). A fan nozzle is best used for this. Spray a very thin layer (~1/4” thick) on entire surface to be foamed. Allow the foam to become tack free (~1 minute). Then spray as usual to desired thickness.
  • Q.Can Great Stuff™ products be used outdoors?


    Great Stuff™ and Great Stuff Pro™ products can be used outdoors. However, cured foam will discolor if exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. If left exposed, the foam will eventually crumble. Paint or coat foam for best results in outdoor applications. Great Stuff Pro™ Gasket is not approved for used outdoors

    Q.Can I store a Great Stuff™ product if I don't use the whole can?


    Great Stuff™ cans featuring the newly launched Smart Dispenser™ may be reused up to 30 days with the straw left attached to the canister. Just clean the tip after your first use, leave straw attached, and reuse for up to 30 days.

    Great Stuff™ foam with the straw tube applicator will seal shut if left to sit for more than 2 hours after its last use. However, if you leave the straw assembly attached to the can and insert a pipe cleaner (soaked in WD40) into the straw, this may allow the can to be re-used up to 30 days.

    Great Stuff Pro™ can that has been attached to the Great Stuff Pro™ Foam Dispensing Gun can also be left and reused within 30 days.

    Q.How do I get Great Stuff™ foam off of my skin?


    If the foam has not cured or hardened, use fingernail polish remover (with acetone); a polyglycol-based skin cleanser or corn oil may be effective. Then wash with soap and plenty of water. If the foam has hardened, there is no solvent that will remove it. It will not harm your skin and will wear off over time. To remove cured foam from skin, use a pumice stone (available at most drug stores) and warm, soapy water. Then apply petroleum jelly.

    Q.What is Great Stuff™?


    Great Stuff™ is the brand name for a line of one-component insulating foam sealants that can help make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by sealing the gaps and cracks where air conditioned and heated air escape. Great Stuff Pro™ Polyurethane Foam Sealants can be used for both small and large air sealing and retrofit applications by DIY’s or professionals. Great Stuff™ comes in cans with a straw applicator or the new patented Smart Dispenser™. Cans are in 12, 16, and 20 oz sizes. Great Stuff Pro™ series is available in larger cans (20,24, & 30 oz sizes) and use the dispensing guns to apply.

    Q.Where can I use Great Stuff™ Gaps and Cracks?


    Great Stuff™ and Great Stuff Pro™ products can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications, most commonly in air sealing and home retrofit applications. Common Applications include:

    Electrical wire penetrations

    Gas line penetrations

    Plumping and pipe penetrations


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